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Contractors Property/Inventory in Transit to the Job Site

Does your policy cover goods or products/materials on their way to the jobsite?  Or, on the jobsite once delivered? I get this question quite frequently as most contractors have product delivered to the jobsite directly from their supplier.  Most of the time, the materials are not installed in one day.  This could pose a problem […]

7 Easy Steps to Reduce Your Exposure to Losses and Lower Your Insurance Costs

Running a business is tough stuff if you are like most of the small businesses that I insure.  My clients who have performed the following below have found: Reductions in their EMOD (experience modifier for workers compensation), less errors in the audit process resulting in time and money savings, cleaner loss ratios with the carrier leading […]

6 Best Practices to Reduce Potential Commercial Auto Losses for Your Business

Poor Commercial Auto performance means increased rates in Arizona! A trend that I am seeing throughout the marketplace in Arizona is the deteriorating commercial auto insurance sector (personal auto too). When I sit down with the marketing representatives for the insurance companies I represent, I keep on hearing the same song: “Commercial auto rates will continue […]

Workers Comp – Subcontractor or Employee?

Arizona Workers Compensation – The Dichotomy: Subcontractor or Employee? I get many questions with regards to a specific workers compensation question: “Why do we have to cover a 1099 contractor?” So I decided to bring some clarity to the issue. Please keep in mind, there are exceptions to every rule. This is a general response to this question. If […]