Business Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

General Liability insurance coverage is meant to protect you and your business from the potential financial burden of a lawsuit. It is a wide range policy that covers a little bit of everything. Depending on your business’ needs, that may be enough.

General liability gives you peace of mind while you grow your business and determine where other important coverages will be needed.

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Workers Compensation / Workmans Comp

Workers Compensation Insurance is required by state law for any business with employees. These policies are meant to protect your business and its employees from the financial burden of workplace injuries or illness.

A workers comp insurance policy usually covers:

  • Potential lawsuits.
  • Your employee’s financial burden of workplace injuries or illness suffered while on the job.
  • Financial security in the case of any claims.

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Commercial Property Insurance

Business property insurance covers your business in the case of various types of losses. Policies tend to cover losses caused by fire, theft, damage done by vehicles, and vandalism. Coverage for additional causes of loss not commonly covered on these policies may need to be purchased separately. This may include loss from earthquakes, floods, or glass breakage.

Usually, a part of your Business Owner Policy, property insurance covers:

  • Your building, landscape, and signage.
  • Equipment, furniture, and inventory.

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