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You work hard and take great pride in your business, but prospecting for insurance can be frustrating. It’s important to understand that all insurance is not created equal. The same can be said about insurance agencies.

Alliance Insurance of Arizona is a different kind of insurance broker. We started our business with zero clients, so we understand the importance of increasing your bottom line. If you’re frustrated because of the lack of transparency in the Phoenix business insurance market and would like save money with a better understanding of your insurance needs, we can help.

First we will identify gaps in your current coverage through transparency. We will then seek to fill those gaps by fully exploring competitive business insurance markets and taking advantage of our professional relationships with quality underwriters. This process is an art. We don’t consider ourselves “order takers” because we are solution providers.

In many ways, finding the right Phoenix business insurance is like a puzzle. At Alliance Insurance of Arizona, we have the solution.

Phoenix Commercial Insurance – Small Business Insurance

•    Our InSURE® Quote Process guarantees you get the right coverage for your business, at the best price
•    We proudly work with large and small businesses, offering the same quality service regardless of size
•    Our goal is to help your business make money by analyzing gaps in current coverage combined with better insurance pricing
•    Contact us today and let us help you understand what your hard-earned dollars are actually paying for 

Your Phoenix business insurance coverage shouldn’t be an impenetrable mystery. If you’re tired of watching money coming out of your business account with little knowledge of what you’re actually paying for, we can help.

The truth is that most businesses overpay for insurance, or are paying for coverage they don’t need. The reason is because the vast majority of Phoenix commercial insurance brokers are driven by commission. At Alliance Insurance of Arizona, we earn the trust of our clients by saving them money. We want you to be fully versed in your own insurance needs, which is why full transparency is our Number One goal.

“As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of building trust with my clients. It’s better for me to save a client $6,000 than it is to earn a couple of hundred bucks in commission. My ability to get each client a better deal is what truly matters.”

– Alliance Insurance of Arizona – Owner Steve Sivik

At Alliance Insurance of Arizona, we are not driven by commissions. We are driven by relationships.


  • We proudly offer comprehensive coverage for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for Phoenix small business insurance, or for large-scale coverage, we have a solution that will save you money.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance (Workman’s Comp) – If you run a business with employees, the law requires that you carry workman’s compensation insurance. The variety of Phoenix commercial insurance is intended to protect employees and your business from the financial burden of workplace illnesses or injuries.

    Your worker’s compensation insurance may also cover potential lawsuits, and protect your financial security if a claim is filed. Your Phoenix business insurance agent will seek ways to reduce the cost of your premiums and mitigate the expense.

  • General Liability Business Insurance – Commercial general liability insurance is intended to protect your business (and you) from the financial burden of a civil lawsuit. You can think of general liability insurance as “blanket coverage” for your business. Each business has it’s own liability risks that must be ascertained. You want to be adequately protected, but there’s also no reason to overpay for general liability insurance.

    Your agent will seek out ways to reduce the cost of your general liability insurance while ensuring that you’re fully protected if something goes wrong. By thoroughly investigating your business needs, we will likely be able to save you a considerable amount of money on premiums.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance – This is a lot like your personal automobile insurance because it protects you from the financial burden of vehicle damage and accident liability. However, there are some key differences, especially if you operate a business that transports food or merchandise that must also be insured.

    Whether you’re looking for Phoenix small business insurance to cover a single vehicle, or you operate an entire fleet of work trucks and heavy equipment, we can find you a comprehensive insurance that protects your interests and saves you money.

  • Professional Liability Insurance – If your business is based on your expertise, professional liability insurance protects you from the financial burden of lawsuits unique to your field. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other experts held to high professional standards use this insurance to protect themselves from accusations of negligence or failure to provide a service.

    It’s important to understand the professional risks of your particular field before settling on coverage. This is where our experience can be especially beneficial. We will not only help you find coverage that fully protects your interests, we will also ensure that you’re not overpaying for coverage you don’t need.

  • Commercial Property Insurance – If you suffer losses to your business, this insurance protects your financial interests. These policies can protect you from losses caused by theft, fire, vandalism, or damage caused by a motor vehicle. Some businesses may need additional coverage for losses from natural disasters or a variety of other reasons.

    Commercial property insurance typically covers your building, signage, and landscape, and items such as furniture, inventory, and business equipment. Your agent will seek coverage that protects your investment and the financial integrity of your business.


Many business owners mistakenly think that getting the best coverage at the best price means finding an agent that will shop around for different quotes. The truth is that finding the right business insurance coverage at the best price is a finely honed art, and it’s something few agents are capable of providing their clients.

We want our clients to know that they are getting the best deal possible, so we developed our  InSURE® Quote Process to accomplish that goal. If you’re a business owner or office manager, shouldn’t you fully understand exactly what you’re paying for whenever money leaves your bank account?

Our goal with every Phoenix business insurance client is to increase their profitability. The InSURE® Quote Process follows these steps to ensure that this goal is met.

  1. We identify if our agency is a good fit for your insurance needs
  2. We identify coverage and/or gaps in your current coverage through transparency
  3. We educate you about your insurance needs so that you fully understand what you’re paying for
  4. We bring your needs to our underwriters and explore competitive markets
  5. We present you with a business insurance solution that increases your business’ bottom line

This proprietary process is proven effective because it seeks to eliminate the confusion that often accompanies insurance requirements and their cost. We have developed quality professional relationships with our insurance underwriters, which solidifies our ability to offer clients the best coverage at the best price.


If you’re frustrated by the lack of transparency in the insurance markets, we wholeheartedly sympathize. Call our office today and get a better understanding of your particular business insurance needs with a custom solution from a broker that cares about your bottom line.


When you suffer an unexpected business loss, it’s important to understand how to respond so that your insurance does its job. Most business owners go many years without every having to file an insurance claim, so they are often unprepared to manage a claim. Failure to follow the correct steps could lead to costly mistakes, so we offer this information to help you protect yourself if the need to file a Phoenix commercial insurance claim arises.

Create a plan. One of your business priorities should be to fully develop a risk management plan. Employees need to be trained on proper claim filing methodology to further protect your business interests. When creating your risk management plan, consider implementing these important elements:

  • Photo or video records – When you file any insurance claim, photographs and video help substantiate your version of the events. For example, a claim for property damage caused by vandalism is easily proven if the act was documented by a security camera. Remember that you can never have enough corroborative evidence when filing a business insurance claim, so provide your employees with cameras and teach them how to use them.

  • Comply with regulatory guidelines – There are numerous safety regulations outlined by local, state, and federal agencies. Make sure that your risk management plan is compliant with all regulatory guidelines.

  • Provide uniform reporting forms – When you have to report a workplace injury or accident, utilize standardized reporting forms and make it easy for employees to obtain them. Your Phoenix business insurance agent or your insurer can provide you with these forms.

Report your claim. To qualify for coverage, you are required to report accidents or claims to your insurer as soon as you possibly can. Some claims must also be reported to law enforcement, including auto physical damage and commercial property damage. It’s important to understand what your policy requires ahead of time, so you don’t make a mistake when filing your insurance claim. This is why transparency is so important, and why our agents ensure that you fully understand every element of your coverage.

You should also report your claim to your insurance broker, so that they can help guide you through the process. You will likely be urged to contact a professional to assess damage and provide an estimate for repairs. We urge our clients to obtain 3 estimates from reputable Phoenix contractors, and can provide you with contact information. Further professional assistance from a accountant or attorney may also be necessary in certain circumstances.

Keep up with your claim’s status. Once you file a claim, an adjuster will be assigned to the case. Follow up with this individual regularly to ensure that everything is proceeding as it should. If you don’t hear from them for a while, make sure to contact them. If you’re unhappy with their level of response, contact your Phoenix business insurance agent for help.



We provide business insurance to professional clients in a variety of fields. These are just some of the business types we’ve helped by increasing their profitability:

Contractors (including general contractors)

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fence Erectors
  • Electrical
  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Concrete
  • Street and Road
  • Insulation
  • Social Services
  • Retail
  • Locksmiths
  • Manufacturing
  • Auto repair and service

Contact our Phoenix office today and get your free multi-carrier quote.

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