Construction and contracting occupations involve some of the most diverse and risky work. Contracting and construction business owners rely on General Liability Insurance to address these risks. This type of contractors insurance can offer lawsuit coverage for accidents, injuries, and some work mistakes. 


You’re focused on trucking. We’re focused on trucking insurance. At Alliance, we understand that every business is unique. Whether you’re an owner-operator or you manage a large fleet, we’ll get to know your business so we can provide the coverage that’s right for you.


Our broad range of coverages protect you from claims due to service interruption, accidents, and more. We also offer coverages tailored for your manufacturing business,including manufacturing errors and omissions, selling price insurance, and product recall insurance.

Bars & Restaurants

Adequate restaurant insurance can help reduce the worries of owning a bar or restaurant and help you concentrate on your food and customers. Restaurants and bars face a wide range of risks every day, and each business is unique. We can help you build a plan that works around your business.


No matter the size of the operation, whether you own or rent, or raise crops or livestock, our policies can be expanded and tailored to help meet your unique insurance needs.

Auto Repair

Garage liability or garage keepers insurance can help cover costs when a technician’s error is responsible for damage at your shop. Property insurance can help with burglaries, fires or accidents, and even damage to tools. There are a number of ways that we can tailor your insurance to meet your business risks. 

If you’re a part of any of these industries we would love to showcase our expertise and save you some money and time.

A quick call or message is all we need to get started.

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