Personal Insurance

Getting the proper coverage is important to every homeowner. We work with you to fully understand the coverage you need.

Business Insurance

General Liability insurance coverage is meant to protect you and your business from the potential financial burden of a lawsuit.

What our customer say about us

BizSmart got me the right policy at the best possible rate. For years I was paying for insurance that did not cover my exposure. They made sure I got the right policy at a phenomenal rate.

Bizsmart Insurance Group was able to save me over $800 per month on my business policy. That paired with outstanding customer service and the knowledge provided by Steven Sivik, makes Bizsmart Insurance Group a hands down great choice when shopping for business insurance. I highly recommend Bizsmart Insurance Group to all business owners, you will not be disappointed!

Who are we? What do we do?

Bizsmart Insurance Group is a different kind of insurance broker. We started our business with zero clients, so we understand the importance of increasing your bottom line. If you’re frustrated because of the lack of transparency in the Phoenix business insurance market and would like save money with a better understanding of your insurance needs, we can help.

We Take Insurance Seriously

We’re Here For The Long Run, Arizona

Arizona is our home, and we want our community to trust us with their insurance needs. Big or small, we’re accessible, experienced, and ready to help you create an insurance plan that works for you.

Want to know more Insurance?

Insurance that speaks to you because our focus is you.

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