Professional Liability Malpractice Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance

The sad truth about medical professionals is that they help people every single day. They provide their expert about the person’s health and condition. However, if they need help, who can they run to? Sadly, even the renowned doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners can commit mistakes.

These errors can result to lawsuits and it can even inflict damage on your reputation as a practicing health professional. So, if you work under the healthcare industry, one of the ways to protect you medical career, you must have a medical malpractice insurance ready at all times.

What You Need to Know About Medical Malpractice Insurance

The medical malpractice insurance covers the variety of risks you take as a healthcare professionals. Let’s say that you work under a medical firm and you are covered. Certainly, there would be specific exclusions that are included in your employer liability policies. Hence, it is still best to have your personal medical malpractice insurance.

Once a patient complains about the principles of your professional services, the insurance can take care of the claim. Additionally, it can help you in case a lawsuit is filed against you. The medical malpractice insurance can provide legal aid, and cover if there are any settlement costs.

Who Are Included in the Insurance Coverage?

Under the umbrella of the healthcare sector, there are many professionals involved. They are:

  • Medical doctors, nurses, surgeons, and hospitals
  • Dentists, dental surgeons, and orthodontists
  • Cosmetic surgeons, and their clinics
  • Independent health professionals. These include:
    • Naturopathic practitioners like Chiropractors
    • Wellness spas
    • Skin Clinics
    • Weight Loss Centers

Medical Malpractice Insurance Quotes

Nowadays, no one is immune to lawsuits. A malpractice claim can cost you roughly about $242,000. If your company’s liability insurance is insufficient, you will have to pay the remaining balance on your own. For sure, your employer’s coverage will have exclusions that you may know or not know about.

On average, the policies can cover between $4,000 and $18,000. Thus, medical doctors can pay about 3.2% from their own personal money. This figure is not definite though because it depends on various factors. It is extremely important for you to choose a trusted experienced insurance agency if you are a medical professional yourself.

At BizSmart Insurance, our team can help you save you money over time. Send us a message for you to get a quick quote. To get the information you need, talk to our reliable agents who can provide the best policy for your profession. Your career is safe with BizSmart Insurance!

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