Limousine Insurance Information

Do you own a limousine, a black car, or any type of executive transportation? If so, a Limousine Insurance can come in handy. If you own these premium vehicles, you just don’t drive them around the city without a certain kind of insurance.

First and foremost, you have to protect your interests. Next, you need to protect your employees too. The designated drivers of these luxury vehicles should also be a priority. Finally, of course, you have to think about your customers.

Commercial Auto Insurance

The first thing your limousine needs is a commercial auto insurance. This will be responsible for the damages done to your limo. Also, a commercial auto insurance will deal with any property damage and bodily harm. Basically, it covers the people who are hit and afflicted by the limos or its drivers.

Commercial Property Insurance

The next insurance on the list is the commercial property insurance because you would also want to protect the office of your limousine services. A commercial property insurance will take care of your business property you have at your office or storefront. The insurance can cover for any losses within the premises, and it will pay for losses in and out of the building. Remember, this type of insurance will NOT cover flood damage. If your area in prone to natural calamities, better secure another separate insurance.

Additional Liability Coverage

Another type of insurance your limo service may need is a general liability insurance. This will cover any lawsuit filed against your limousine business. It will also protect you from claims of false advertisements slanderous statements. If you wish a bigger coverage, a commercial umbrella insurance is available to expand the limits of your existing policies.

Other than that, you may also want to avail a workers compensation insurance in order to cover any bodily injuries and medical expenses. This will also cover for the lost wages of employees who are injured at work.

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