Home Health Insurance

home health insurance

Aside from Hospice Care Insurance, BizSmart Insurance also offers coverages for the people working under the Home Health Care Sector. We do our best to provide an extensive and full for risks related to the healthcare industry.

Our insurance packages are tailor-made to address the wide range of insurance needs of the caregivers, personal care aides, and other non-medical personnel. Each insurance policy is personalized to provide protection to the insured’s work exposures.

We provide the following insurance programs:

  • Commercial General Liability,
  • Professional Liability, and all with one carrier
  • Abuse and Molestation Coverage
  • Loss of Income Coverage
  • Excess Liability, and Other Extra Expenses

Who are eligible in availing a home health care insurance?

  1. Registered nurses,
  2. occupational therapists,
  3. physical therapists
  4. and other medical professions

The people help patients and provide their services at the comfort of the patient’s home. Several incidents can happen while working. Our insurance programs help protect professionals while they are busy helping their patients.

We provide insurance coverages for other professionals such as:

  • Family guidance counselors and grief counselors
  • Mental health coordinators and mental health counselors
  • Counseling Psychologists
  • Social workers, case workers, and trained volunteers
  • Hypnotherapists, and other sleep specialists

Home Health Care Professionals choose BizSmart Insurance

At BizSmart Insurance, we safeguard your Home Health Care business with a personalized coverage such as General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, and other related programs.

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To see the full picture of what your business may need, speak with our in-house insurance agents and risk advisors. Choosing the best insurance program for your business can be complicated, and BizSmart Insurance will guide you every step of the way.


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