Cyber Liability Insurance

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Cyber Risk Management

If your business…

  • Accepts credit cards as a method of payment,
  • Stores any information in the cloud, and
  • If you do business online

Then, your company is at risk from various cyber attacks. Not only, it is exposed to other threats such as lawsuits, loss of income, and ransomware related attacks. Getting a cyber insurance is one secure solution from all the threats lurking online.

This is a personalized insurance depending on all the risks your business is exposed to. This also boosts the other liability insurance policies that you currently have. In reality, it’s the small-business owners that are more vulnerable to these cyber attacks.

Cyber Risk Management covers organizational information and other intangible assets of the company. As an insurance company, we value privacy, secure information storage, and we respect the virtual work place setting. Whether you contract your regular employees or outsource third-party workers, we always find ways to protect the integrity and the corporate assets of your company.

When your business is connected to the World Wide Web, it becomes an easy target for malicious attacks. Thus, it can be difficult to reverse the damage. In today’s advancement, it’s impossible to do handle all the security needs of your business.  A cyber insurance is really a must to block security breaches that eventually lead to financial loss.

What will you do if you website goes down? What will happen to your data? Will it be compromised? What will happen to your business? No one can guarantee that you are same from these worst case scenarios. That’s why you need a cyber insurance as a blanket of protection online. BizSmart Insurance will assist you in creating efficient solutions to cyber threats.

We have a Data Breach Calculator that you can use. There are also blog posts about the different cyber risks.

Specialized Insurance Solutions

At BizSmart Insurance, we thoroughly evaluate your business goals. We take the time in knowing how your business works. We just don’t hand out generic plans because we personalize each and every insurance request we receive. Based in Arizona, we are continually growing and we strive to serve the neighboring counties. Whether your business is already huge or it just started, we welcome everyone.

In Not Just Your Average Insurance Broker

We are always ready to create an insurance plan that is perfect for your business. Because we have a team of experienced and skillful individuals, we can definitely help you be aware of the potential risks you might be facing in the future. Whether you need a cyber liability insurance or a mere general liability insurance, we can help you connect to over 110 insurance agencies in the US.

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