Concrete Contractor Insurance

Concrete Contractors

Concrete contractors repairs roads, sidewalks, driveways. These things may seem trivial, but these are essential in our daily lives when we commute from our homes to the workplace. Concrete contractors play a significant role… but who protects them?

That’s why BizSmart Insurance is here! We aim to protect concrete contractors when they are busy making improvements in our homes, cities, and businesses. Most people may not notice their work on roads and on high-rise buildings. However, BizSmart Insurance very well know the risks they take every single day.

What Insurance Do Concrete Contractors Need?

With the numerous risks the concrete contractors are facing, it is important to anticipate any property damage or any accidents that can happen on site. Furthermore, there could be employees that could get injured on the job, making your construction business susceptible to accident claims, medical claims, and lawsuits.

The common insurance coverages needed for concrete contractors are as follows:

  • General Liability Insurance– This will safeguard your business when one is injured or when one has damaged someone’s property. Typically, clients ask their concrete contractors if they have a general liability insurance. Additionally, carrying a general liability insurance is mandatory for most general contractors. For you to be hired, this insurance coverage is a must.
    • Property Damage: The general liability insurance will cover when a client asks you to pay for any repair cost caused by an unfortunate accidental.
    • Bodily Injury: For instance, a client accidentally slips and fall. This can cover for any accident claims or any medical bills such as a hip surgery and hospitalization. At the same time, workers can also file a claim against your business for the lost wages.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance– If one of your workers are injured or killed, this will cover for the medical expenses and employee’s salary. The injury rate in concrete work is obviously higher than any profession.
    • For example, your workers accidentally gets injured while working or an employee slips while he is passing a wet surface. The workers’ compensation insurance will take care of any medical expenses, including rehabilitation and lost wages.
  • Commercial Property Insurance– This will provide a safety blanket for the property that your business currently owns.
    • This could mean any accidents on the construction site, such as property damage, and fire.
    • Mobile Equipment Insurance could also be added to the coverage. It will be responsible for mobile tools and machineries. Construction tools like saws, grinders, mixers, and compactors are usually stored on the client’s site and the insurance will protect the equipment in any case of theft and accidental damage.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance– Lastly, a commercial auto insurance is needed to protect your business when your workers meet an accident while driving a company vehicle. Other than that, it will also cover for company vehicles once it is damaged or stolen.

At BizSmart Insurance, we will take care of your concrete contractor business because we know that you have worked hard to build it from scratch. Our flexible insurance programs will cover for your business, and ensure that the construction site will remain safe & secure for everyone. Contact BizSmart Insurance at 602 271 9171 to get your free quote.


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