Breweries and Wineries

Breweries and wineries may need a customized type of insurance. At BizSmart Insurance, we understand the need to provide industry–specific insurance programs in order to cover for potential product recall, leakage, and spoilage.

We guarantee that our insurance policies will the right for your brewery and winery business. Best of all, BizSmart Insurance offered it at the right price.

Extensive Insurance Coverage

A brewery insurance program is designated to safeguard and protect any brewery’s properties, buildings, and even the personal belongings of the business owner. Our insurance coverage will include the following:

  • Beverage contamination— Beverages are prone to contamination. That’s why it important to protect it from any form of bacteria, residues, and cleaning agents.
  • Employee replacement expense— Professional enologists, viniculturists, and brewmasters are hard to replace in case of injury, disability, or even death of the employee.
  • Processing errors— There could be an unintentional mixing of raw ingredients, such as excessive amounts of water to the products.
  • Product recall expenses— When products are processed by different batches, one can’t avoid that the possibility of the need to recall. This will include the additional costs to shipping and return fees. Moreover, additional employees may be needed to assist with the unexpected product recall.
  • Tank collapse and leakage— Lastly, final products or in–process products may turn out to be unusable because of a tank leakage.

Additional Insurance Tailor-made for Breweries and Wineries

BizSmart Insurance deals with the distractions and interruptions that may come your way. We just want you to focus on making the best quality wines and brews. Having these extra coverage will insurance a more comprehensive protection for your employees and business.

  • Comprehensive Business Auto — This will protect company vehicles utilized by your employees
  • Workers’ Compensation —This will take care of any medical bills and lost wages for your employees. Workers could be injured on the job and unable to work for the time being.
  • General Liability Insurance — Finally, your brewery and winery business could be exposed to any liability cause by independent contractors. This could protect the business from the common problems faced on day-to-day basis.

At BizSmart Insurance, we can ensure a personalized insurance coverage for your brewery and winery business! We study different breweries across the U.S. in order to find the best suited insurance for your own brewery.

Whether the problem is about product recall, leakage, or spoilage, we’ve got it all covered. Want a free quote? Call BizSmart Insurance right now at 602 271 9171 to discuss with our on-house insurance agents what your brewery and winery specifically needs.



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